based on "Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Feminist, Reporter," by Brooke Kroeger

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The American Experience: Around the World in 72 Days
The web page for the PBS documentary, this is a mother lode of great information on Nellie's life. Like our serial, it was prepared with the assistance of Brooke Kroeger, who was interviewed in several places in the program itself. The web site offers more in-depth information, and even includes a recording of the Stephen Foster song from which Nellie's pen name was taken -- sung by Brooke's classically trained daughter! (And check your library for a copy of the video!)

Around the World in 72 Days
This is Nellie's actual book about her famous dash around the globe. (Caution: Though Nellie was more progressive than many of her era, she still had most of the common prejudices of that time.)

Ten Days in a Madhouse

The same site features the text of "Ten Days in a Madhouse," together with two shorter features Nellie wrote about seeking work as a maid through an employment agency and working in a box factory. The latter two are less dramatic but may provide more realistic models of investigative feature-writing.

This amateur site has information about Nellie's life and her family, as well as links to trading cards with Nellie's picture, books about her and other interesting material.

Spartacus Educational web site
This British site offers a quick biography of Nellie Bly, together with links to related topics like child labor and Joseph Pulitzer, as well as short excerpts from "10 Days in a Madhouse." (It's also a pretty good site to tap for other historical topics!)

History of Journalism
Want to learn more about the history of journalism? This page includes entries running from Johannes Gutenberg to Matt Drudge. And, of course, Nellie's in there, too!

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"Woman of the World: The Story of Nellie Bly: based on 'Nellie Bly: Daredevil, Feminist, Reporter by Brooke Kroeger" text (c) 2002, Mike Peterson illustrations (c) 2002, Christopher Baldwin